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Beauty supply company reps spend many hours driving between clients and that entails careful planning. Reps have to make sure they have all their client details, notes and directions to each visit and that can involve the use of several different pieces of software and cause no end of headaches when things don’t go to plan. Traffic delays, missed appointments, early starts and late finishes all add up to a decrease in productivity and an increase in overheads.


Badger Maps can help you to turn that around. We can help you to cut your driving time by up to 20% each week, resulting in less gas money, and increase your visits by up to 25% every week, resulting in an increase in sales. Badger provides you with an all-in-one software solution for client management, with these unique features:

“Seeing data in Badger while out in the field increases sales efficiency to the 10th power”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr - Danaher

  • Route mapping the easy way and route optimization at the click of a button
  • Colorize – allows you to filter your clients and see them in unique ways
  • Drop Pin – allows you to add hard to find locations to the route map and save the details as a new account for future use
  • Check-in – create a time and date stamped history of every single visit
  • Turn by turn driving directions with our mobile app
  • Live traffic updates
  • Accurate and up to date information, provided by Google Maps

Badger Maps also makes it easy for you to generate new leads for your beauty supply business, both in the office and out on the road. This means that cancelled visits are no longer dead time – your reps can find new leads and come back with potential new clients under their belts.

Badger Maps can revolutionize the way your beauty supply business operates and to find out how, click the links below. You can also discover how to get a free no obligation 7-day trial of Badger Maps

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