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Asset recovery agents spend hundreds of hours driving hundreds of miles every week to locate assets, to negotiate with the asset handlers and to reunite the assets with their rightful owners. How many of those hours are wasted through poor route planning and traffic problems? How much time is wasted in the first place planning the route for the day?


Badger Maps is designed to make asset recovery easy. No doubt, you already have a list of clients that you serve, on a CRM or another spreadsheet and connecting that to Badger is simple. That brings all your clients into one easy to manage place. Badger Maps allows you to manage your clients by:

  • Adding them to a route map for a visit
  • Optimizing the route to shave time off your driving and increase the number of visits you can make in a day
  • Sort your clients using a number of parameters, including next action type and date
  • Integrate visits with your calendar
  • Use our mobile app for interactive mapping
  • Access to live traffic updates and street level mapping
  • Our unique check in feature, allowing agents to add time and date stamped notes to a client history
  • Use our Drop-Pin feature to add out-of-the-way locations to your map and to your client database

Badger Maps is an all-in-one solution for asset recovery client management. Connecting your client database takes just minutes to do and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. No longer will you need to juggle several different systems, wasting time and money on ineffective practices.

Badger is a feature-rich system designed to boost your output and decrease your input and if you want to know more about how we can help your asset recovery company and get a free 7 day no obligation trial, click on the links below

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