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Are you in the arts and crafts industry? If yes, you probably know the difficulty of going to and fro to your customers. If you fail to plan your trip for the day, you might end up backtracking and zigzagging across the city. Without the right tools, you leave more unhappy customers and less income for your business.

Maximize your time, energy, and resources with the help of Badger Maps. As the number 1 Sales App in the Apple App Store, it is not difficult to see why so many people are using this powerful software.

Badger Maps helps you get to your clients in the fastest and most efficient way possible. By plotting your customers on Google Map, you will have a quick idea where your customers are located. From there, Badger determines the ideal route after taking into consideration the distance and the traffic condition of the area.

What’s more, you can use Badger Maps to find new customers. The Places feature searches for new leads by specifying the type of clients you are looking for.

Use the Lasso Tool to quickly highlight multiple accounts. From there, learn the best routes between them or mass-update their information. When you visit a new area, use the drop pin to conveniently save that address.

All these contribute to the growth of your arts and crafts business. Isn’t it time for you to take your business to a whole new level? If your answer is yes, click on the link below to start your free trial today!

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