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If you are a house appraisal agent, you are required to travel from one place to another. To maximize your time, energy, and money, you have to plan your commute ahead of time. However, even the planning process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This is especially true if you already have a lot of customers to manage and places to visit.

Fortunately, you are not left helpless. More and more house appraisal agents are now discovering the joy of using Badger Maps.

As a route optimization software, Badger Maps can instantly plot your customers on a map and give you a sense of direction of how to get to them. You don’t have to sit too long inside your car because Badger Maps can also help you avoid traffic jams through its live traffic updates.

If you are already using a CRM, Badger Maps can easily integrate with it. The app can even access your calendar and add the information to your Badger Maps database.

One of the best features of Badger Maps is the Check-in feature. This allows you to create time-stamped notes and reports about the properties you have already visited. Every week, you will also receive a summary of your recent activities.

Badger Maps has partnered with Google Maps. This means that you get accurate and up-to-date directions. No more backtracking and zigzagging across the city with the use of Badger Maps.

So if you are ready to bring your house appraisal business to a whole new level, you can sign up for your free trial today!

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