The Appraiser’s App for Organization and Routing

Drive up to 20% less with Badger Maps


1. Eliminate Physical Notepads and Excel Spreadsheets

  • Have all accounts on the same map to optimize routing
  • Write notes for each address digitallybadger-1-1-300x150.png


2. Customize the Filter Function

  • Visualize and filter locations by worth, cost of construction, or expected income
  • Reference comparables on the same map as your locations of the day


3. Share Information Instantly

  • Post notes + pictures to locations
  • Automatically share check-in notes with your team


4. Alternate Between Mobile and Web app

  • Customize routes at home or on the go
  • Turn by turn directions and one-click optimizations


5. Search and Add Locations to Your Route at Any Time

  • “Places” tool searches keywords in local area
  • Work remotely, in between appointments, by adding local coffee shops


So stop wasting time with physical spreadsheets and notepads and switch to Badger today!

If you want to find out how we can help your appraisals business, click on the links below for more details and information on how to get a free trial of Badger Maps.

Badger Maps

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