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Having to figure out an optimized route among all your appointments and drop points is very time consuming to do manually. Think about all the hours you spent in your office just to identify the best route to take. You have to dig through your spreadsheet and CRM tool, obtain an address, plot them on a map, and physically locate these places on the street. Take and multiple all of them by the number of your clients, and you will soon get overwhelmed and exhausted. If you want to focus more on interacting with your customers and not cooped up inside your office, you better use a powerful and innovative sales rep delivery route optimization software known as the Badger Maps.

Badger is a revolutionary productivity sales app that can bring your business to a whole new level of success. Simply integrate it with your current customer database and see all your clients on one convenient map. From there, you can easily plan and optimize your route. Know exactly which way to go, who to meet next, and the purpose of your meeting with the help of Badger.

Let Badger connect with your calendar app and enjoy viewing all your appointments on your map. You won’t be late for another meeting anymore or worse miss one because Badger automatically tells you where to go next based on your calendar schedule.

You just had a glimpse of what Badger can do for you as a sales rep delivery route optimization software. Want to know more? Click on the links below to start your free 7-day trial.

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