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If there is one thing that is guaranteed to irritate people, it’s when a scheduled delivery is late. Perhaps, as customers, they do not consider everything that goes into planning a daily delivery schedule; all they want is their delivery. After all, customers also have their business to run and if they don’t get their supplies delivered on time, their business is hurt.

Delivery truck going out from the garageOn the other hand, delivery drivers have to deal with so many things that get in the way. They have to go through traffic and deal with different poor road conditions. Without proper route planning, delivery drivers can easily lose their way or aimlessly drive around town. Not only that, but if they try to schedule the best possible route, they have to spend many hours every week as they have to juggle among their many planning tools.

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You can say goodbye to all these headaches if you use the best delivery schedule software today. Introducing, the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps serves as a route optimizer and helps you plan your trips in the quickest and most convenient way possible. It integrates seamlessly with your current customer database or spreadsheet and shows all your customers on one simple map. Because we use Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze, all our route and location data are always up to date, leaving no room for error anywhere.

Adding customers to a delivery route map is just a click of a button and Badger will optimize the completed route, taking into account start and finish locations, as well as delivery drop times. Once you have completed a list of customers to visit, Badger helps you know who to meet first, second, third, and so on in such a way that you spend the least time, energy, and money possible. So no more backtracking because you missed a turn or weaving through the city.

With our mobile app, your driver can take their optimized schedule, complete with turn-by-turn directions on the road with them and, with live traffic updates, bottlenecks and unforeseen hold ups are a thing of the past. Surely, Badger is the ultimate travel companion for anyone who wants to work efficiently.

Your delivery drivers can even fit in up to 25% more visits in a week while cutting driving time by up to 20%. That means huge savings and your customers get a more professional service, making them more likely to recommend you.

“Utilizing Badger to visualize CRM data in the field makes our CRM even more valuable”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr

With our Check-In feature, drivers can create a history of their visit, data and time stamped as a permanent record, allowing sales staff to see exactly what has happened and when, while allowing them to schedule a follow up call. The Check-In feature also serves as a way to track your progress and even at the end of the week, you get a report so you can evaluate all your actions throughout the past few days. If you have a manager to report to, you can just download your records and submit it to them. Moreover, you can also share your notes to your team members in case you work as a group.

Delivery schedule software is a must for all delivery companies and you won’t get better than Badger Maps. To make things even more convenient, there are more innovative features waiting for you to uncover. Check out how we can optimize your business as well as your schedule with our no commitment free trial.

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