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There’s one problem with typical CRM software. If you’re a supplier, you may be aware of this problem already. It’s tracking the location of all your customers, and finding the best route to get to them all. Location intelligence is what’s missing from most CRM software today. Imagine if you can visualize where each of your customers are located on an interactive map.

A woman holding a board with business elementsNow, you can stop imagining the solution to your problem. You can actually do something to solve it. All you have to do is use the Badger Map.

Badger Maps is the ultimate mapping and routing solution for all trip planning problems. Once you downloaded Badger and have connected it with your customer database, you will now see the exact location of your customers on a map. Not only that, but Badger gives you the estimated time needed to reach a destination and the distance between two locations.

The route optimization feature of Badger is highly important. For one, it helps you reach any of your destination in the quickest way possible. This saves you precious time, energy, and gas. Since you spend less time sitting in your car, you gain more time to interact with your customers – an activity that actually makes you money. On average, Badger users have cut down their driving time by 20%.

Another feature of Badger that you will love is its CRM integration capabilities. Badger can integrate with your existing CRM so you don’t have to switch from one device to another. Badger actually encourages sales reps to use their CRM by 30% more on average. Of course, it is worth noting that Badger can serve as your main CRM since it has enough functionalities. CRM integration is also valuable for sales reps because it can help them gather customer data and obtain their needed information easily and quickly.

If you are a manager, you will tremendously benefit from the Check-In feature. This functionality helps you create time- and date-stamped notes. Thus, you can record your activities before, during, and after visiting a client. Team members can download these notes to review their weekly progress or they can submit these notes to their managers as a report.

To make it easier for you to manage your accounts, you can use the Lasso Tool. This tool allows you to draw shapes around your accounts so that you can quickly add them to a route map. You can also use this tool to highlight clients on your map and mass-update their details. As a manager, you can use the Lasso Tool to quickly highlight a particular area on your map and assign it to one of your team members. So instead of clicking on your accounts one by one, you can just use the Lasso Tool to save time.

Badger Maps is also the best travel companion for every sales rep. Since it is available on Apple and Android mobile devices, you can bring it anywhere you go. Having your data on your smartphone or tablet also allows you to access your clients’ information whenever you need to.

There are a lot of ways you can beat your quota by simply using Badger Maps. Give yourself the edge you need with intelligent delivery routing software. With Badger Maps on your mobile device, you can create instant delivery maps, so you’ll never feel lost or clueless ever again. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial today!

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