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When your drivers are faced with a long list of deliveries to make, a great deal of time is wasted on trying to map out the best delivery route to take. Maps, customer records, calendars, all have to be juggled to get it right and it is so easy to make mistakes.

That is where Badger Maps comes in, to take the strain and release your delivery staff to do their jobs on time. Badger Maps allows you to come up with optimized delivery routes, saving up to 20% driving time every week. This is the most unproductive time and those savings can easily be translated into a higher level of productivity, with some of our customers recording up to 25% more visits and sales being made every week.

How does Badger Maps help you to plan an optimal delivery route? Quite simply because it is the most comprehensive route mapping software ever built. Badger Maps does more than just help you plan a delivery route:

  • Import your current CRM or customer spreadsheet into our software
  • See all your customers on one map
  • Use our Colorize feature to sort your customers in new and innovative ways
  • Add customers to a delivery route map with the click of a button
  • Optimize your route to cut driving time and increase efficiency
  • Use our unique Check-In feature to create a permanent record of every visit

Instead of you having to sit there with a long list of names and addresses, trying to get them into some sort of reasonable order, Badger Maps makes easy work of drawing up a delivery route map.

And when your drivers use our mobile app they can export their visits to their calendar app, giving them their whole day at a glance. Badger Maps use advanced GPS technology, together with Google Maps to provide your drivers with turn by turn driving directions and access to live traffic update to enable them to make their deliveries on time, every time.

One of the biggest problems with your drivers and outside sales reps as a whole is finding new customers. In fact, most companies spend thousands of dollars and a great amount of time just to generate leads. Thankfully, Badger Maps makes this process easy.

All you have to do is go to the Places tab and specify the type of customers you are looking for. For example, you can use keywords such as “hospitals,” “schools,” and “dentists,” or any terms that best describe your clientele. From there, click on the search button. Badger then explores your sales area and gives you a fresh list of new leads.

When you return to your map, you now see the exact whereabouts of your potential customers. You can even click on their names to obtain relevant information such as business names, photos, reviews, and contact information. You can then use these details to know how to convert your leads into sales.

If you don’t believe how much Badger Maps can do for you, sign up for a free 7-day trial today and see for yourself how easy t is to create an optimized delivery route map.

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