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Have you ever worried about getting to all your leads and customers in a way that makes the best use of your time?

When all that you have is a long list of names, addresses, and phone numbers, how do you determine the exact sequence of your visits for the day? How do you organize, sort, and arrange all this data so you don’t waste your precious time driving from one contact to another?

Even traditional CRM software like Oracle can't do this alone. Is there a better, faster way to plan your route? As you know, figuring it all out manually is so slow and inefficient.

Thankfully, there’s a brilliant solution for such a problem, and it’s called Badger Maps. By integrating your Oracle account with Badger, you can map your sales territories and customers so that salespeople can get to them quicker and more efficiently. You can also segment your customers by certain attributes so you can customize your routes based on the information you care about quickly. It helps you close more deals in less time. And since sales is a numbers game, more efficiency would mean more productivity and more deals closed.

Isn’t it time you used this brilliant solution to map your data so you can be both efficient and effective? Check out how quick and easy it is. Sign up for a free trial today!

Learn more about Badger's partnership with Oracle here.

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