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Amdocs CRM

If you’re a salesperson using CRM software, you probably don’t get a good sense of where your customers are on a map — or where they’re clustered within a certain area. It’s also time-consuming and stressful to manually determine the ideal route to see them all.

Amdocs Enterprise CRM is a powerful CRM that enterprise size businesses use to keep record of their customers. Make Amdocs CRM an even more powerful tool by integrating it with Badger Maps. First, it helps you plot addresses on a map so you know exactly where all your best customers are located at a glance. You can also see them in color so you know exactly where your most important accounts are concentrated so you and your team know where to focus your efforts. You can also do searches for new leads with the “Places” feature so you can uncover new accounts around existing customers or even familiarize yourself with new territory. If you’re out in the field, it helps you find new customers right around your location. Badger shows you the most optimal route to all your appointments, saving you hours of tedious work every single day. This will help you make 25% more sales in 20% less time. Companies like Kerr have seen as much as a 50% increase in CRM usage once their reps started using Badger.

So what are you waiting for? Make more money with the best business intelligence tool on your mobile device. Increase your efficiency, productivity, and income beginning right now by signing up for a free trial of Badger Maps today!

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