Sales Force Effectiveness

By Wyatt Houghton

Posted in Sales Tips


Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It depends on how well you can manage it. Even though route planning can be a laborious aspect of a salesperson’s day, we all know how important it is. Having your customers and prospects clearly organized can make a huge difference in how productive you are when selling. Although one could take the time to physically draw and label each one of his customers on a map, this is not time efficient in this day and age.

Even if you are a salesperson mapping each one of your customers manually, not only would you lose valuable time in doing this but also if you want new leads you will have to manually research companies or people in your territory and then add them to your map. Imagine if you could spend your time actually talking with new leads rather than going through the tiresome process of finding new leads to talk to.

What if I told you that there is a sales rep map software that could link up with your CRM, optimize your routes between customers, and help you find new leads all on top of Google Maps. The benefit of having Google Maps is that key information is updated in real time right at your fingertips. If there is a traffic delay you will know about it and your route will be optimized to find the quickest way to your next customer. Sales force efficiency depends on how prepared you are for your day. When you have the ability of reaching out to more people in one day, your chances of making more sales increases. It is not too complicated: the more people that you can reach out to that have a need for your product, the more sales you will make.

This route optimization app can do exactly this right from your fingertips. Having the ability to make slight adjustments throughout your day from your iPhone or iPad can be essential in maximizing sales force effectiveness.


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