Modern Cartography and Route Mapping

By Maya Poddar

Posted in Product

Route mapping

Explorers from Leif Erikson to Magellan have faced route-mapping issues. On long-haul sea voyages, route optimization meant not getting scurvy and correctly rationing the rum. In the modern era, finding the best route can mean everything from saving on gas to having more time to pursue new leads and sales opportunities.

In pursuit of the shortest route to India, Columbus had no reliable maps and came upon a rather large obstacle in his path to reach the Far East spice trade— the Americas.

With our mapping software, your route is backed by the best in modern cartography, Google Maps, and finding directions for the shortest driving distance is as easy as clicking a button— no unexpected continents, no fuss.

By mapping the most efficient route, we help you maximize your sales and minimize your time in the car. With dynamic scheduling and up-to-date traffic information, our route mapping application coordinates your calendar, travel plans, and customer information. You can set a start and end destination and every stop along the way. Our map works with you and for you by providing estimated arrival times and checking them against your scheduled meetings to ensure that you’re never late again. The average user sees a 20% reduction in his or her weekly mileage and a 25% increase in his or her sales activity by using our route optimization software.

Why take our word for it? Sign up for a free trial and find your shortest route.


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