Effective Sales Territory Management
Effective Sales Territory Management Sales territories are an effective way to divide up a company’s salesforce. Sales territory management enables sales reps and managers to better segment their customers and delegate responsibilities. If you’ve been assigned a territory, you’re probably a little apprehensive about your next steps. You now have an entire sector of customers to single-handedly maintain. Fortunately, there are many helpful tools and tricks out there that can assist you in better sales territory management. Sales territories may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach, they can actually simplify a sales rep’s life by grounding them to a structure....
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How to Avoid the Sales Stress
How to Avoid the Sales Stress Every minute of your day is booked. Every second is filled with stress. You snooze your alarm for the third time this morning only to realize you’re already late for work. You miss breakfast and  grab coffee on the way - only to spill it on your nice, clean shirt.  You’re 35 minutes late to the office. Everyone you call gives you a hard time. You try your best to hook new leads, doing everything you can to keep the sale on the line, only to have that client wind up in the arms of your biggest competitor instead....
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Starting a Career in Sales - The Gateway to Any Business Position
Starting a Career in Sales - The Gateway to Any Business Position You’re looking to jumpstart your career and you’ve settled on a path in business… Good for you! You’ve tapped into a progressive and rewarding field. However, you’re also faced with a broad range of positions. Starting a career in sales, marketing, PR... Where do you even begin? Fortunately, the business industry tends to operate from very humble beginnings. To excel in any department, you need to fully understand the fundamental process of your company - sales. Whether you specialize in marketing, PR, or even entrepreneurship, everything sources back to sales. Sales may not be your initial interest, but you will perform much better....
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The Most Haunted Houses in the U.S.
The Most Haunted Houses in the U.S. Trick-or-Treaters, it’s time to finish off your costumes. If you couldn’t tell from the jack-o-lanterns and your local grocery store’s shrinking candy supply -  Halloween is around the corner. October 31st is the date all part-time zombies and witches come alive and wander around your neighbourhood. Feel like a scary trip to a haunted house to get your heart rate up and your “Boo” on? Let Badger Maps help you find the spooky spots close to you. Badger is a routing app that optimizes and schedules your routes for you and finds the fastest way to your customers or....
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