5 Apps That Make You a Smarter Sales Rep
5 Apps That Make You a Smarter Sales Rep Successful sales reps are always learning, and they can’t afford to slow down. At the same time, it’s tough to balance your education with a busy schedule. Between hours on the road and in sales meetings, you don’t have much time left to devote to reading, studying, and researching. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can make you a better sales rep in minutes. The Best Educational Apps for Salespeople Blinkist Blinkist is a time-saving eReader that summarizes bestselling non-fiction books. This means you can finally get around to reading those sales training books you borrowed from your manager --....
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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn
How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Most people think that LinkedIn is for finding jobs and sending resumes. But, the future of sales lies in social media channels. Your most qualified leads are waiting for you to reach them. There are more than 450 million members of LinkedIn. That might seem like an overwhelming number of potential leads, but there are tools to help you out. So, how can you filter through profiles to find new customers? LinkedIn is a powerful channel overflowing with referrals and connections. Building a presence on LinkedIn brings more eyes to your product. It’s tough to limit your portfolio, product, and....
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The Most Important Sales Metric to Track
The Most Important Sales Metric to Track Customer engagement. Seems obvious, right? Salespeople and sales managers gain more insight from knowing how prospective customers are engaging, than they get from making outbound calls. For example, would you feel more confident with your pipeline if you knew you sent 500 emails or if you knew your 500 emails received 50 responses? You’d prefer to know that 25% of the presentations you sent out were actually opened instead of how many presentations are being sent. While engagement data is valuable, it’s a challenging metric to track. Sales tools and customer relationship management systems ("CRM") don’t always represent true....
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How to Cure Sales Pitch Anxiety
How to Cure Sales Pitch Anxiety The idea of speaking in public freaks you out. News for you: Following these few tips will skyrocket your pitching skills and cure your sales pitch anxiety. The first step to cure sales pitch anxiety is to be aware that it’s totally normal to be nervous before a public pitch. The stakes are usually high and this automatically sends your pulse racing, but you’re not alone. You can turn this nervous energy into a powerful pitch. Firstly, you need to understand where the anxiety comes from. There are different drivers that can make your hands sweaty and your knees....
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Which Actions Should Sales Teams Take after Getting New Leads?
Which Actions Should Sales Teams Take after Getting New Leads? Every organization has a different sales team structure; some create a distinction between sales roles, others don’t. An organization with a well-defined structure will have a marketing team that generates leads. their sales development reps hone in on new sales opportunities and pass them on to inside or field sales reps to close deals. For the purpose of this post, let’s consider a separation between sales roles. Which Actions Should Sales Development Reps Take? The article “The Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment: The Sales Development Rep” explains that SDRs fill one purpose: setting appointments with qualified leads for....
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