Best Streets and Trips Replacement

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Best Streets and Trips Replacement

Now that Microsoft has chosen to discontinue MapPoint and Streets and Trips, many sales reps are looking for a replacement program. Fortunately, now there is Badger Maps, a sales mapping software that is superior to both MapPoint and Streets and Trips.

Badger helps you sell 25% more, while driving 20% less.

Best Streets and Trips Replacement

Badger Maps has the route optimization and customer mapping components that made MapPoint and Streets and Trips popular. However, Badger has many other features that the Microsoft products were lacking, making it the best Streets and Trips replacement.


“90% more meetings close when you approach a prospect with a product in their category that they have a genuine need for. Our reps wouldn’t have that knowledge without Badger”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr - Danaher

For example, Badger is available on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, and PC, rather than just on PC. So now sales reps can take Badger with them anywhere at any time, and are not limited to just their computer.


In addition, Badger's innovative features saves you valuable time out in the field.

  • CRM & Calendar Integration

    Avoid the tedious process of manually entering data by easily integrating with your current information databases. Quickly upload an Excel Spreadsheet or integrate with Salesforce so that all your information is held in one place.


  • Route Optimization 

    Simply select the customers you would like to visit for the day, and Badger will immediately show you the fastest way to get to them. Never again will you have to waste time manually planning your routes.


  • Mapping Intelligence

    Badger provides turn-by-turn driving directions as well as live traffic updates. With Badger, you will no longer struggle to make it to your meetings on time, or have to sit in traffic jams.

Best Streets and Trips Alternative

  • Lead Generation  

    Badger also works as a lead generation tool, instantly finding you new customers that you never even knew existed. Simply search for the type of client you call on, and Badger will pull up a list of leads in your territory. And what's more, you can then instantly add these new leads to your route.

Best Streets and Trips Alternative


Badger Maps: The Best Streets and Trips Replacement

With all of these added features, Badger Maps is the ideal Streets and Trips and MapPoint alternative. Badger is very efficient and user friendly, allowing sales reps to reach the next level. The Badger Maps support team is available to help every step of the way and the route mapping software is sure to make sales reps more efficient and effective. To learn more about how Badger Maps compares to MapPoint and Streets and Trips go to the MapPoint and Streets and Trips comparison page.



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