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Address Mapper

Tired of spending hours poring over your spreadsheets and manually mapping your customers’ locations on your map?  If you are like any other highly motivated salesperson whose priority is productivity, then you probably find these tasks tedious and time-consuming. We know you would rather be on the road on your way to a client or out looking for new prospects. With your convenience in mind, we came up with a highly efficient address mapper and route optimizer.

Badger Maps is a mapping tool, route planner, and schedule manager all rolled into one. As an address mapper, it integrates with your customer relationship management software (crm)  and automatically plots your customers’ locations on your map, making it possible for you to view your entire sales territory in a matter of minutes. It also optimizes your routes with just a few clicks of your mouse. Calendar integration allows it to automatically organize and update your schedule when needed.

You can use Badger Maps on your Mac or PC, or bring it along with you by downloading the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. With the Badger app on your mobile, you can get access to Google and search for new leads to visit if you need more prospects. Just key in your target area and type of customer  and it will generate a list of prospective customers and businesses for you. With access to Google maps, Badger Maps can also provide you with live traffic updates, alternative routes and turn by turn driving directions so you can avoid traffic congested areas and get to your meetings on time.

Additionally, Badger Maps also has a check-in feature that automatically creates a permanent history for every customer you visit. There’s also the Lasso tool which allows you to customize your map and make mass updates. With all these useful features and more, badger Maps continues to be the ideal travel companion for sales reps everywhere.

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